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Russia and Eurasia - Rolling chronology
CHRONOLOGY of Russia/Eurasia-related events and daily guide to international MEDIA HEADLINES
24 April 2014 - Full text...

Putin, Russia and Ukraine - A corrective voice
Oxford’s Archie Brown, on the consequence of NATO expansion NEW
18 April 2014 - Full text...

Russia and Ukraine - Al last a level look
Western experts provide two ways of looking at Russia's involvement with invents in Ukraine, and warn of the danger of global confrontation. NEW
5 April 2014 - Full text...

Ukraine’s interim government - Perilously seeking to assert itself
The new Ukrainian authorities have taken the courageous, and perilous, decision to disarm the militants still controlling the centre of Kiev and creating problems in many regions. NEW
3 April 2014 - Full text...

2014-03-15 - Beyond Ukraine - A wider energy contest
As Russia and West battle over Ukraine and Crimea, energy is at the core of the debate. It’s and old history of geopolitical and economic opportunism , in which Ukraine risks becoming a collateral victim. NEW
15 March 2014 - Full text...

Ukraine in a vacuum - The noise, and the facts
Under a flood of rhetoric, the Ukrainian crisis looks set to explode, or to freeze into a long-term confrontation from lack of the means or the will to resolve it swiftly.
3 March 2014 - Full text...

Tense Ukraine - Signs of movement
The compromise over the government’s amnesty and the opposition’s evacuation of headquarters buildings was only one step before both sides face critical decisions – and likely divisions.
17 February 2014 - Full text...

Eurasia and Afghanistan - Republics' 'complacency'
Central Asian republics show little concern with the possible consequences of the ‘drawdown’ of US and allied forces in Afghanistan according to the annual report of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.
17 February 2014 - Full text...

Sochi - Sport as a victim to political games
Now it may be possible to follow what Olympics are really about.
6 February 2014 - Full text...

Ukraine - On the brink
After a week rich in developments , the situation in Ukraine remains confused, with all eyes on tomorrow (Tuesday 28 January) when parliament is due to reconvene.
25 January 2014 - Full text...

Embattled Ukraine - A dangerous turn
Violence exposes the weakening of both sides’ grip on a potentially explosive situation
20 January 2014 - Full text...

Volgograd bombings - A threat to Sochi?
As the Russian city of Volgograd is struck by a deadly bomb on the second successive day, terrorism appears to be spreading in a region adjacent to the Sochi Olympic winter games.
7 January 2014 - Full text...

Yanukovich in Beijing - China’s opportunity
Ukrainian president Yanukovich, on a three-day visit to Beijing, has everything to encourage hope of a Chinese bail-out from his country’s crisis after rejecting the European Union’s terms for ‘association’.
3 December 2013 - Full text...

Why Ukraine switched - Money played a role, too.
Much remains to be known about President Yanukovich’s reasons for dropping the EU association agreement due to be signed in Vilnius at the end of this week, but a failed bid to get Brussels to exert pressure on behalf of an IMF loan was one of them.
26 November 2013 - Full text...

EU's uncertain summit - Vilnius and Ukraine
The European Union would have done well to look more closely at the options open to President Yanukovich before going to the ‘Eastern Partnership’ summit on 28-29 November
20 November 2013 - Full text...

Presidential election in Georgia - All thoughts on stability
Voting on Sunday will mean a move into uncertain territory, over leadership and over finances. The last thing the West wants is a contestation over the results.
21 October 2013 - Full text...

Electing Azerbaijan's president - Geopolitical pragmatism
The political activity surrounding President Aliev’s bid for a third term highlights the desperate interest of rival powers in preserving South Caucasus stability.
2 October 2013 - Full text...

Strategic Survey 2003 - A lively time in Russia – and Georgia
The annual Survey of the IISS takes a deeper look at recent events.
17 September 2013 - Full text...

Moscow’s mayoral election - A new way in politics
Mayor Sobianin and oppositionist Navalny are both breaking the mould of Russian electioneering.
5 September 2013 - Full text...

Syria and the G20 - An opportunity amid the débris?
This weeks’ Saint Petersburg gathering could spark a new approach to the problems not only of Syria but of US-Russia relations.
2 September 2013 - Full text...


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Exiting the presidency
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Eurovision contest turns political
Unscrpted song and dance in Baku
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US Missile Defence and Russia
A practical proposal
(18 April 2012)
Ukraine and the Customs Union
An informed study
(9 April 2012)
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