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For time-pressed officials and diplomats Inside Russia and Eurasia offers an authoritative, quickly read overview of events, including facts and ideas liable to have escaped them in the regular reporting of the media and other sources.

For writers and researchers it provides an ever-growing fund of clearly sourced material, based on archives since 1993, and links to related matter in other publications.

It presents its output under three heqdings:

Reports focus on immediate events, spotting broader and longer-term implications.

Reviews highlight important ideas in specialist journals, books and research papers.

Chronologies list the principal events of each month, together with a guide to headlines in the internrtional press in the same period.

In July 2011 it intrdouced a widely read new feature - a Rolling Chronology. Updated daily whenever possible, the Rolling Chronology immediately highlights the latest events.

In addition to the normal output Corporate users (see 'Subscribe')are invited to call the editors about any item published, i.e. to receive a degree of informal consultancy.

For more information, please call the Brussels editorial office by telephone (+32 2 736 4731). fax (+32 2 733 3469), or e-mail (

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INSIDE Russia and Eurasia is an information-sharing partner of Russia in Global Affairs and the magazine Russia Profile.

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(14 January 2015)
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(10 December 2014)
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(20 November 2014)
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(23 October 2014)
Security concerns in Central Asia
The Strategic Survey, 2014
(26 September 2014)
Pre-election Ukraine
Where ways diverge
(7 September 2014)
Beyond the screen
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(3 September 2014)
Kiev coming apart?
Key parliamentary coalition crumbles
(28 July 2014)
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From pacifist to war-maker
(3 July 2014)
Petro Poroshenko
Confectioner with a mountain to climb
(10 June 2014)
Ukraine's oligarchs
Back with a vengeance
(21 May 2014)
After the Ukraine referendums
Time to face the facts
(11 May 2014)
From bad to worse
(5 May 2014)
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