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Since 1993, INSIDE RUSSIA AND EURASIA, a totally independent record

Inside Russia & Eurasia On-Line (
offers a continuously updated overview of important developments in Russia and Eurasia. It is based on a daily inflow of information from all parts of the region, analysed by experts with long experience. As well as internal developments, it deals extensively with inter-state relations, particularly with the European Union and NATO.

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The publisher, Andrew Wilson, and the editor, Nina Bachkatov, are the longest-serving foreign correspondents in Moscow and work between the Agency’s offices there and Brussels. Nina Bachkatov holds a Ph.D, in Political Science, on the thesis Russia’s energy diplomacy, strengths and limits and lectures extensively on post-Soviet political developments. Andrew Wilson was formerly foreign editor of The Observer newspaper and holds a doctorate in military history.

Inside Russia & Eurasia ( is the specialist on-line publication of the UK-registered European Press Agency (EuroPA) Ltd., dealing with events and developmentsd in the former Soviet space. It receives no subsidies, accepts no advertising, and rejects association with any political, religious or governmental body. For more information about its services, select the tabs 'What we offer' and 'Subscribe'on the left of this page. Or send an e-mail to

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INSIDE Russia and Eurasia is an information-sharing partner of Russia in Global Affairs and the magazine Russia Profile.

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