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Russia and Eurasia
Rolling chronology
Chronology - 29 July 2014
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CHRONOLOGY of Russia/Eurasia-related events and daily guide to international MEDIA HEADLINES
FT = Financial Times, iNTT = International New York Times, Econ = The Economist, BBC = BBC World Service website. Other media identified by name.

30 Sep. Europe turns screws on Russia (FT) / European companies braced for backlaash (FT) / BP feel hear over Rosneft stake (FT) / Putin fights to keep factions on his side (FT) / Duma hits back with bill to bqn Big Four audit firms (FT) / State bank and wider corporate sector likely fo suffer (FT) / Ukraine: Caught in the crossfire [of nationists and rebels] FT / Closing a -year chapter with Russiq (FT leader)


29 Sep. Ukraine army pushes rebels back to city strongholds (FT) / Fighting prevents access to crash site (HYT) / Shift by German industry paved way to tougher EU sanctions on Russia (iNYT) / Pressure mounts on Russia in wake of $50 billion Yukos ruling (FT) Russia ready to take political cost and resist tribunal payout (FT) / A damning verdict in the Yukos case (FT lmeqder)


28 Sep.

27 Sep.

26 Sep. Russia hits at Ukraine with attacks of artillery (iNYT) / EU moves fast on sanctions (FT) / Mass graves seepen wounds left by conflict in Slavyabsk (FT) / Moscow launches Mac attack as beef with west over Ukraine intensifies (FT)


25 Jul.

24 Jul.

23 Jul.

22 Jul.

21 Jul.

20 Jul.

19 Jul.

18 Jul. The Georgian Parliament unanimously (123 votes) ratifies the Association Agreement with the EU. / Russian president Vladimir Putin sends condolences to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in connection with the crash of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft. / A representative of Rosneft confirms that its Lisichanks refinery, in Luhansk region is on fire after shooting without human casualties. / China’s official agency says that hasty conclusion on the Malaysian plane crash would only escalate regional tension and affect chances of an impartial investigation. / The ‘prime minister of the Donetsk people's republic’ Alexandr Boroday announces the confiscation of businesses belonging to governor Ihor Kolomoysky; private clients do not need to repay their loans to his Pryvat Bank, in fact this would be considered a hostile act since the governor backed Maidan protests and finance the antiterrorist operation. / Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseni Yatseniuk says he is ready for a full embargo on bilateral trade with Russia. / Luhansk city council reports over 20 civilians killed in a single day and asks residents to stay homes or in shelters; 85% of buildings have no electricity nor water. / The Ukrainian interior ministry claims to have averted a series of terrorists attacks in Dnipropetrovsk thanks to the arrest of two Ukrainian citizens.

17 Juj. Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Yevgeni Lukianov says that to start a war against ‘brotherly Ukraine’ would be counterproductive for Russia but that the current conflict in Ukraine had turned into ‘ethnic cleansing’ against Russian-speaking citizens. / A spokesman for Ukraine National Security and Defence Council says that Ukrainian Air Force has made 29 sorties over the past 24 hours. / Meeting wives and mothers of servicemen, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko says that thanks to their courage the area of the anti-terrorist operation has been reduced by 50%. / A Malaysian airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 298 on board crashes in eastern Ukraine, 50 miles before entering Russia’s airspace; President Poroshenko accuses the rebels and speaks of a 'terrorist act'.

16 Jul. 16 Jul. Belarus economists discuss the possibility that the country will lose millions of dollars due to Ukrainian import duties of up to 60% in response to Customs Union new licence system. / The commander of the Vostok battalion, Alexandr Khodakovsky, resigns as security minister of the ‘Donetsk people's republic’ after criticism for military defeats. / Russian president Vladimir Putin addresses the plenary session at the BRICS summit, emphasising that the 5 members’ combined GDP represents 21% of the global volume and continues to grow; and that they have an increasing political role to play by supporting each others in international organisations. / Interfax reports that president Putin ‘has reacted calmly’ to the imposition of new US sanctions against Russia but that the sanctions are driving the Russian-American relationship into a dead end. / The head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, says that the inclusion of Rosneft on the sanctions list is ‘unfounded and illegal” and will arms US shareholders and banks. / The ‘prime minister’ of the Donetsk people's republic”, Alexandr Boroday, says that his representatives will take part in the next round of peace talks via video with the Kiev authorities under an agreement with OSCE.. Families of military involved in the anti-terrorist operation rally outside the presidential administration in Kiev, asking for a rotation of service plus decent living and fighting conditions.

15 Jul. A separatist leader, Andrei Purgin, denies receiving military hardware from Russia, saying the east Ukrainian rebels are in fact short of arms and using only those captured in arms depots or as trophy. / The terrorist connexion is excluded after an accident which killed 22 and injured almost 100 in the Moscow metro. / In Brazil, Russian president Vladimir Putin Putin and his counterpart, Dilma Rousseff, restate their aim of doubling bilateral trade to a value of $10 billion a year. / Despite tensions, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulates Jean-Claude Juncker on his election as new European Commission chairman and expresses hope that his international experience and commitment to the idea of European unity will boost Russia-EU ties. / Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport sees ‘unfair competition’ in the UK’s failure to issue visas to part of the Russian delegation intending to visit the Farnborough Air Show. / Foreign military attaches visit a Russian town in Rostov Region, where shells from Ukraine killed three people. / Rebels announce 8 civilians dead and 64 wounded in an aircraft attack against Luhansk. / Public servants can finally access their workplace after activists vacate seven administrative buildings in central Kiev.

14 Jul. On the eve of the BRICS summit, Russian president Vladimir Putin underlines the increasing significance of the association in a complex world to prevent a ‘single pole’ of creating a model of international relations; he says it is time for the BRICS to assume responsibility for world development and insists on the need for members tohelp each other to develop their economies.

29 July 2014
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