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A Ukraine ‘solution’ - Need for diplomacy step by step
A realistic look at the ground situation shows how much remains to be done. NEW
14 January 2015 - Full text...

Putin on the barricade - ‘No pasaran’
The President’s 4th December state-of-the-nation address was a rallying cry for the home audience.
10 December 2014 - Full text...

Russia and Eurasia - International headlines
A daily listing of Russia/Eurasia-related press reports
4 December 2014 - Full text...

Beyond the screen - Related happenings
Events behind shifts in national and international policy in Russia and Eurasia.
3 December 2014 - Full text...

The New Information War - Russia, the West and Ukraine
The recent launch by Russia of a new information site, called Sputnik, coupled with the launch of a British edition of the Russia Today television channel is stirring debate about a gathering ‘information war’ between Russia and the West. NEW
20 November 2014 - Full text...

Letter from Moscow - Russia under sanctions
Life in the capital is less stressful than most Western media suggest.
23 October 2014 - Full text...

Security concerns in Central Asia - The Strategic Survey, 2014
The IISS global survey highlights uncertainties threatening former Soviet territories.
26 September 2014 - Full text...

Pre-election Ukraine - Where ways diverge
With less than two months to parliamentary elections, President Poroshenko and premier Yatsenyuk have different ideas about Ukraine’s direction.
7 September 2014 - Full text...

Beyond the screen - Related happenings
Day to day event affecting major shifts in Russia/Eurasia national and international conduct
3 September 2014 - Full text...

Kiev coming apart? - Key parliamentary coalition crumbles
The resignation of premier Yatseniuk puts a spotlight on President Poroshenko’s limitations.
28 July 2014 - Full text...

Ukraine’s Poroshenko - From pacifist to war-maker
In Kiev, the leadership shows worrying signs of a lurch against international restraint
3 July 2014 - Full text...

Petro Poroshenko - Confectioner with a mountain to climb
There can be no quick answers to the formidable political and security challenges facing Ukraine’s new President. NEW
10 June 2014 - Full text...

Ukraine's oligarchs - Back with a vengeance
Twice in 10 years, Ukrainian oligarchs have been denounced by Maydan protesters. But again they are there to stay.
21 May 2014 - Full text...

After the Ukraine referendums - Time to face the facts
The West, and particularly Europe, needs to put aside self-decption and think seriously about finding the way out of a dangerous situation.
11 May 2014 - Full text...

Ukraine - From bad to worse
The killing of 42 separatists in a burning building in Odessa has created a situation made ever more dangerous by the ‘war of words’ surrounding it.
5 May 2014 - Full text...

Putin, Russia and Ukraine - A corrective voice
Oxford’s Archie Brown, on the consequence of NATO expansion
18 April 2014 - Full text...

Russia and Ukraine - Al last a level look
Western experts provide two ways of looking at Russia's involvement with invents in Ukraine, and warn of the danger of global confrontation. NEW
5 April 2014 - Full text...

Ukraine’s interim government - Perilously seeking to assert itself
The new Ukrainian authorities have taken the courageous, and perilous, decision to disarm the militants still controlling the centre of Kiev and creating problems in many regions.
3 April 2014 - Full text...

2014-03-15 - Beyond Ukraine - A wider energy contest
As Russia and West battle over Ukraine and Crimea, energy is at the core of the debate. It’s and old history of geopolitical and economic opportunism , in which Ukraine risks becoming a collateral victim.
15 March 2014 - Full text...

Ukraine in a vacuum - The noise, and the facts
Under a flood of rhetoric, the Ukrainian crisis looks set to explode, or to freeze into a long-term confrontation from lack of the means or the will to resolve it swiftly.
3 March 2014 - Full text...


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